Hot Tub Repairs To Enjoy Dips In Winter

So, you closed the pool, but your hot tub is also not working. You may still want to continue using your spa, so this can be a problem. Therefore, it may be time for repairs to ensure a soothing dip in the spa as the temperatures begin to plummet. What repairs could your hot tub need to enjoy using it this winter?

Cracked Pipes And Leaks

The components of your hot tub are pipes, tubing, and seals. These are areas where leaks often start over the winter months. So, you may need to start with replacing any broken or leaking tubing that is causing your spa to start to let water out. You will want to check your hot tub for:

  • Cracked pipes
  • Blown seals
  • Leaking connectors

Cold air can cause problems with cracks and blown seals and cause further damage. Make sure to have these hot tub leaks repaired before they get worse.

Bad Motor And Heater Issues

The heater and motor of your hot tub are the next areas to look at when doing repairs. When your hot tub is not heating the water as it should, you can be sure that it is a heater problem. There may also be problems with the motor and jets, which can cause the water not to circulate. Some of the spa heater and motor problems that you might need to have repaired include:

  • Motors that are not working
  • Leaking heater tubes
  • A failing spa heater

When there is a problem with the heater or motor, you want to quickly fix the issue. These problems can often be repaired to get your spa working again if you catch them in time.

Problems With Controls And Wiring

The hot tub also has modern controls and wiring that can cause problems. Sometimes, it may be control units do not work properly or at all. In addition, the wiring of your hot tub is designed to be durable but can cause failures when there is a problem. You may need to have a failing control panel replaced. The wiring should also be inspected regularly and repaired when there is visible damage or wear.

Spa Improvements For Winter

Improvements can be made to reduce heat loss and wear. Consider these winter improvements for your spa to prevent the issues that often need to be repaired. Some of the winter improvements to consider for your hot tub include:

  • Adding a cover to prevent evaporation and heat loss
  • Insulating pipes to protect them and reduce heat loss
  • Investing in an insulated skirt to protect spa equipment

The winter months can a time when you will want to enjoy your spa. For more information about hot tub repair services, contact a local spa repair technician.