A Look At Getting A Pool Safety Cover Installed For The Winter

A safety cover is an important accessory for your inground pool. The cover keeps leaves and debris out of the pool over the winter, and it also is a safety feature that keeps kids and animals from falling in the pool. Installing a safety cover can be challenging since the cover connects to hardware that's screwed in the pool deck. You may need to hire a professional to install the cover for you. Here are a few things to know.

The Right Size And Shape Cover Is Important

If you order the safety cover yourself, precise measurements are essential. The first step of the installation process is to lay the cover over the pool and make the overlap even on all sides. Ordering a safety cover for a round or rectangular pool is easy, but if you have a custom pool, you may need help measuring for a good fit, and you may need a custom safety cover made.

The Hardware Has To Match Your Deck Type

You can have a safety cover put on your pool no matter what type of deck you have, as long as the right hardware is chosen. Common decks are pavers and concrete, and while these materials are similar, they require different hardware.

If you use an anchor on stone that is intended for concrete, wood, or grass, the cover won't be as secure, and it could be a safety hazard. Attaching the cover to different decks requires different tools too, so it might be easier to let a professional do the job who has the right equipment and who can install the cover properly, especially if you aren't comfortable with drilling holes in your pool deck.

The Cover Is Held In Place With Straps

Safety covers differ in the material they are made from and the way they work, but they generally have straps or springs that attach to the deck with grommets, anchors, or some other hardware. This requires drilling holes in the deck and stretching the cover to attach it to the hardware.

When you take the cover off in the spring, the hardware can be removed or screwed down so they are flush with the deck and hidden until it is time to use them again next fall. You don't have to worry about the hardware being a trip hazard once you open the pool next season.

Once the safety cover is in place, it is secure so if a child or dog walks on it, they won't sink in the water. However, the covers are not intended to be abused or played with. You'll want to stay off the cover and move debris from it if necessary so the cover isn't damaged and so it lasts several seasons. For more information, contact a pool safety cover installation service.