The Pool Leak Guide To Find What Is Causing The Water Loss

The months that your pool is covered can cause problems with leaks growing. Sometimes, there may be existing leaks that have worsened, or new leaks may have developed. No matter the cause of the problem, you will need to have the damage repaired. The following information will help you find out what is causing problems with leaks in your pool.

Leaks That Start With Pool Equipment

The pool equipment can be one of the first areas where problems start with leaks. This is often due to damage and problems that get worse during cold weather. Therefore, one of the areas where you are going to want to check for leaks is the pool equipment. These issues are often caused by water that gets trapped in equipment. When this happens, the cold temperatures cause it to freeze and damage the equipment. Therefore, you may need to repair pipes, connections, and pumps that have been damaged due to the cold weather.

Problems With Leaking Pool Liners

If your pool has a vinyl liner, this may be one of the areas where leaks start and get worse as temperatures change. These issues often start with minor tears or punctures. Over time, the issues with liners grow and can quickly become tears. Therefore, you want to make sure to have leak detection done to find and repair these leaks before they lead to serious damage. If you patch the punctures early enough, the liner will not tear. This will ensure your liner lasts and doesn't need to be replaced any time soon.  

Issues Around Skimmers, Drains, and Outlets

In addition to the filtration equipment, there are also skimmers, drains, and other equipment in the water. These can be areas where seals fail or components are damaged. They may be the cause of leaks that grow and cause problems with your pool over the summer months. Therefore, when you get ready to open your pool, you want to check the skimmers, drains, and outlets to ensure they are not the source of leaks that are causing problems.

Problems With Tile Surfaces and Coping Around The Pool Deck

Many pools have tile surfacing, which can be a problem if there are leaks. This is because there are several layers that make up the tile. Therefore, you will want to have a professional pool repair service deal with these leaks. This can also happen to the coping at the edges of the pool deck. Therefore, you will want to have a repair service fix these issues before the leaks turn into serious problems.

The problems with pool leaks often start off small but get worse as the weather changes. Contact a pool service in your area for help with pool leak detection and repairs to ensure you do not have problems with your pool this summer.