Choosing The Shape Of Your Custom Swimming Pool

Thinking about adding a pool to your property? Consider the many customization options that you have when designing and constructing a pool, including the shape. Depending on the size and configuration of your property, as well as your personal preferences, you may find a unique shape suited to the vision that you have in mind.

What shape of pool works best for your yard or landscape? Here are a few potential pool options:


An oval or oblong pool is usually a larger swimming pool, often at resorts or estates. These are a common shape and are standard in the pool industry. Due to their size, oblong pools can be a blank slate for creating a backyard oasis by adding water features, hardscapes, and tropical plants.


Lap pools are typically for exercise, and the rectangular shape is perfect for swimming laps. A good size for a lap pool can be up to 45-feet long and 8-9 feet wide. Lap pools are shallow but are generally at least 3-4 feet deep. These narrow, linear pools are easy to fit in smaller lots or spaces.


Kidney-shaped pools are often found designed to resemble lagoons or backyard grottos. The shape is curved inward, resembling a kidney bean. These types of pools appear organic and natural, often resembling a lake, and are perfect for water features, like waterfalls.  

Figure 8

Figure-8 shaped pools facilitate a free flow of water, and the circulation helps keep the pool clean and bacteria low. The curves make it a comfortable pool for lounging while also providing two distinct areas for different activities, features, or depths. A larger yard or property is necessary for most figure-8 pools, though you should consult with a custom pool contractor to identify the most pragmatic and prudent places, shapes, and sizes for your property.


One of the great things about a round swimming pool is that it is a lot simpler to construct an enclosure or overhead cover for it. Enclosures keep the pool cleaner and are found in small, child-size pools to large, elaborate designs.

When it comes to custom-shaped pools, your contractor will be able to help make your vision a backyard reality. Ask about free-form shaped pools, which essentially means whatever shape works for your property, price, and preferences.  

Talk to a custom pool contractor to learn more about what's available when it comes to the shape of your swimming pool. Consider these suggestions to hone in on the best pool and customization options for your backyard!