5 Step Guide To Keeping Your Pool Clean This Summer With Weekly Care And Good Practices

Every summer, you may dread the water turning green in your pool by the end of the season. Good pool care, done on a weekly basis, can help prevent some of the problems with water quality during the hot summer weather. There are also some simple practices that can help keep the water clean, such as taking advantage of a safety pool cover. The following step-by-step guide will help you ensure weekly pool maintenance is done and you use good practices to keep the water clean in your pool this summer:

Start By Filling The Pool With Clean Water And Starting The First Shock Treatment And Other Water Treatments

To start the summer pool care that needs to be done, you are going to want to fill the water up if it was partially drained. This is also when you will want to begin with the pool treatments. After filling the pool, begin pool care by shocking the pool for the first time. This will help you get the water clean before you start swimming in your pool during the hottest days.

Make Sure To Keep The Debris In The Skimmers Clean

Keeping the debris out of your pool skimmers can do a lot to keep the water clean all summer. If you use your pool daily during the hottest weather of summer, this is something that you will want to do daily. You will want to do this at least a few times a week when you are not using the pool to ensure the water stays clean all summer long.

Backwash Your Pool Filter To Begin Removing Debris

Over the weeks of summer, a lot of debris and particles get caught in your pool filter. This can cause it to not be as effective as it should and reduce water circulation. Therefore, you will want to make sure there is nothing in the leaf-trap, and then, you are going to want to backwash the filter to remove the particles that have collected in it. This is something that needs to be done throughout the summer weather.

Shock Your Pool When To Ensure The Pool Water Is Balanced

The pool also needs to be shocked throughout the summer, which is raising the levels of chlorine high enough to kill any organisms. Some of the times when you will want to shock the pool include:

  • After a week of hot weather
  • After summer storms
  • After pool parties or heavy use
  • When there has been a problem with algae blooms

These are some of the different times you may need to shock the water in your pool to ensure it stays clean all summer.

Use The Right Anti-Algae Treatments And Take Advantage Of Pool Covers

The green algae blooms that affect pools during the hot summer weather can be a serious problem that you have to deal with. To avoid these problems, make sure to use an antialgae treatment for the water. In addition, you will want to use a pool safety cover when the pool is not in use, which will prevent debris from getting in the water, as well as prevent problems with summer algae blooms.

These are some of the cleaning steps and good practices that will ensure your pool stays clean all summer. If you need help to keep your water clean all summer, contact swimming pool cleaners for help with the weekly upkeep that needs to be done.