Indoor Vs. Outdoor Spa: 3 Areas To Focus On

When it comes to a home spa, you have two primary choices — build the spa indoors or build it outside? In terms of a blanket statement, neither of these choices is necessarily better than the other one. However, when you think about the specific needs of each homeowner, one choice will always be better than the other. If you're planning to install a spa in your home, your goal should be to determine which option is the right choice for you.

1. Ventilation

An indoor spa will only work if the area where you plan to install the spa has proper ventilation. Given the large amount of moisture that will seep into the air from the spa, if the air in the space cannot properly circulate, not only will the space be uncomfortable, but you will also experience significant damage in the room. 

For example, mold will start to form along the floor and walls, and corrosion will form on metal surfaces. If you do not have a space inside your home that would support a ventilation system, you will need to have the spa installed outside.

2. Climate

Think about the local climate in your area, as well. For the most part, the temperature in the area is not the issue, as a spa can be enjoyed in both summer and winter temperatures. The main issue is generally precipitation. 

If your home is located in an area that experiences large amounts of rainfall or snow throughout the year, you will be limited as to when you can enjoy the spa if it is installed outside. In this type of environment, to get the maximum benefit from the spa, you should install it inside. 

3. Privacy

Privacy is another important factor to think about when it comes to deciding whether to install the spa inside or outside. Again, there is no wrong or right, but instead, the decision should come down to personal preference. 

For instance, if you live in a highly-populated area with limited privacy in your backyard, you might be more comfortable with a spa that is installed inside your home so that you are out of the view of the watchful eyes of your neighbors. 

The spa installation company can do more than build and maintain your spa. They can also help you determine whether an indoor or outdoor spa will better meet your needs. It's always good to rely on a spa services professionals' opinion when you make your decision. You can find more information at and other websites.