Why an In-Ground Pool May Be Best for Your Home

If you would like to have a swimming pool, then you may be in the beginning stages of deciding what you want. Some people opt to go for an above-ground pool, while others decide to have an in-ground pool built. You may want to read the information here on reasons why an in-ground pool may be best before you make your final decision. In this article, you will find more info on the reasons why you may like an in-ground pool best.

In-ground pools are easier to care for

The design of an in-ground pool makes it easier to take care of them. They are easier to brush, easier to vacuum, and easier to net. Also, if something gets in the pool that shouldn't be in there, then you will see it easier when you have an in-ground pool. This is due to you only being able to see into an above-ground pool if you walk up to it and look over the ledge into it. 

In-ground pools can have many additional features

There aren't very many additional features that come with above-ground pools. If you decide to get a built-in in-ground pool, then you can get very creative with the additional features you have built into the pool's design. Just some examples of these additional features include: 

  • In-pool spa - You can have a spa built into the in-ground swimming pool. This is a nice additional feature because it allows you to easily go from the pool to the spa without getting all the way out of the pool. 

  • Fire bowl - A fire bowl is a great addition that can be built into the pool. It helps you to create a nice ambiance at night with the fire reflecting right off the water. 

  • In-pool bar - You can have an in-pool bar built. This is a fantastic feature, especially if you do a lot of entertaining. It allows you to get your cocktails and snacks without getting out of the pool. You can sit right up to the bar and enjoy your food and drinks while you are still partially submerged in the water. 

  • In-pool tanning ledges - Having tanning ledges built into the in-ground pool gives you a place where you can tan while you are still partially in the water, so you won't get too hot in the sun. 

  • Beach access - When you have your pool designed to have beach access, it allows you to walk right into the swimming pool, just how you would walk into the ocean at the beach. There won't be any steps to deal with, and these pools can have a sandy pebble surface for a great extra touch that works well with this feature. 

  • Waterfall - You can have a waterfall designed with your in-ground swimming pool, with the water flowing right into the pool.

In-ground pools look much nicer

An above-ground pool can add fun to your home, but it can also be a distraction that takes from the landscape you put a lot of work into. However, an in-ground swimming pool can become a lovely addition to the aesthetics of your yard, helping to elevate the landscape.