Top Signs Your Hot Tub Needs More Frequent Maintenance

You probably know that in order to keep your hot tub in good shape, you have to maintain it. You might hire a spa service to perform maintenance from time to time. However, it's possible that you aren't having your spa maintained as frequently as you should be. These are a few top signs that your hot tub probably needs more frequent maintenance than what it might be getting.

You Haven't Kept Up With Cleaning

It's important to clean your hot tub at least once a week. If you don't do this, though, you should know you aren't alone. If you're busy, or if you just see your hot tub as being more for relaxing than for adding more chores to your list, then you might not keep up with your weekly cleanings like you're supposed to. However, you should know that failing to clean your hot tub as often as you should can lead to clogs in the lines and drains, hard-to-clean interiors of the hot tub, and other problems. It's a good idea to have your hot tub maintained more frequently if this is the case for your hot tub, and you may want to make the effort to clean it more often as well, just so you can keep it sanitary and in good shape.

You Have Hard Water

If you have hard water in your home, then your hot tub was probably filled with hard water, too. You should know that hard water can lead to more mineral build-up and other issues in your hot tub, which can be a problem. It's smart to have your hot tub maintained more frequently when you have hard water so you can help counteract some of these issues. Additionally, it's not a bad idea to look into installing a water softener; not only will this cut down on issues with your hot tub, but it should help with a variety of issues around the home, too.

You Use Your Hot Tub a Lot

If you use your hot tub a lot, then weekly cleanings and maintenance every few months might not be enough. The more that you use your hot tub, the more frequently you will need to have it maintained. After all, a hot tub that is used frequently — or that is used by a lot of different people — typically gets dirtier and oilier more frequently and quickly.

Call a spa service if you need help maintaining your hot tub.