New To Pool Ownership? What An Upcoming Rainstorm Means For Your Pool

One of the things that many new pool owners aren't aware of is the effect of rainstorms on their pool. When it comes to pool care, preparing for significant rainstorms is important because you may end up with cloudy water and bacteria issues in your pool if you don't prepare properly. Here are some of the things you need to think about when it comes to preparing your swimming pool for the next upcoming serious rainstorm.

Eliminate Contaminants

One of the biggest sources of cloudy water following a storm is the contaminants that get blown into the pool from the storm. Things like furniture cushions and other objects from your pool patio can easily be blown into the pool by high winds during a rainstorm. The dirt on those objects will contaminate the pool water, causing it to become cloudy. You'll have to treat the water significantly to clear this out. 

Avoid this problem by securing all of the loose items, including your pool toys and such, in a shed or storage area before a storm comes. Whenever possible, cover your pool before a storm as well to ensure that leaves and other debris stay clear of your pool water.

Clean Your Filter

When the weather forecast is calling for a major rainstorm within the next day, make a point to go out and clean the filter on your pool. A clean filter will be far more effective at removing contaminants from the pool, which can help to prevent a problem with cloudy water in the pool after the storm.

Flush the filter out and clean the filter cartridge, or replace it if it hasn't been replaced in quite some time. If you're not sure how well your filter is working, you should call a pool care technician to come out and inspect it. 

Treat Your Pool

Preventative treatment is an important part of pool care before a rainstorm. Unfortunately, it can be hard for new pool owners to know how to balance those chemicals to overcome the rain introduction. You should reach out to a local pool care contractor for more information. They can schedule a technician to come out before the storm. The technician will test your water and add chlorine, algaecide, and even water stabilizer if needed to help your pool withstand the weather.

These are some of the most important considerations for your pool when you're facing an upcoming rainstorm. Talk with a pool care contractor near you today for more help.