Do You Have A New House With An Irregular Shaped Pool That Needs Maitenance? Get A Cleaning And Custom Cover Today

Purchasing a home with a pool can be a fun way to spend your time outside, but if the pool needs to be cleaned and doesn't have a cover these are things that need addressed immediately. If the pool is an odd or irregular shape, you'll have to call a pool company to help with the work.

You want to get the most out of your cover, especially if it must be special ordered. Here are some of the things to get costs for when investing in your pool.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Get a quote for a pool cleaning and to have any maintenance that is needed done before you swim. The pool company will clean the pool and mechanical components and test the water. Once the pool is in usable condition you will want to keep it that way with the best pool cover.

Get a Custom Cover

Look at the custom cover options for your pool. Get a quote from a company like John Strawhacker Swimming Pool Service to have a cover that will fit the shape of your pool, without having to sacrifice your patio area. Inquire about these things:

  • Custom color or design printed for the cover
  • Solar heating technology to warm the pool when it's covered
  • Weight bearing features to keep people and animals out when the cover is on

The custom cover is worth the investment when you want to keep your pool clean and safe when the pool isn't in use.

Know Your Security Options

The custom cover will have different options for securing into place. A cover with custom ties or hooks that is pulled tight and secured or latched is ideal. You can put a lock on these latches so someone can't remove the cover. Some covers will use elastic bands or ties, look into the most affordable but yet secure option as well.

Check to see if you could turn the pool to a saltwater pool, which would be an efficient way to keep the water clean and to lower pool maintenance over the years. If the house you purchased has a pool and you are very excited about it, you will want to make sure that you take the proper steps to have the pool cleaned.

Cover the pool as needed so there aren't problems with debris falling in the pool, and so you can keep people out. A custom cover may be needed but it will be worth the investment.