Leaky Swimming Pool? 2 Potential Causes Of Your Water Woes

On a hot, muggy day, few things are more refreshing than going for a relaxing swim. However, if you notice that water is leaking from your swimming pool, this can put a damper on your fun. 

Depending on the source of the leak, you may notice water gathering on the ground outside your pool, or you might observe that the pool's water level is lower than normal. Here are a couple of potential causes of a leaky swimming pool and the repairs you can do to fix them.

1. Your Vinyl Liner Has a Hole in It

If your pool has a vinyl liner, it's common for the liner to rip or tear. Once the liner is torn, water from your pool will begin seeping out of the liner.

When caught early enough, it's fairly easy to fix a torn liner. You can have a pool contractor patch the ripped areas as long as the tear isn't too large. When dealing with a massive tear or if your liner is at the end of its lifespan, you'll likely want to replace the entire liner to prevent future tears.

2. The Plumbing Components Have Started to Degrade

The plumbing component of your swimming pool contains pipes that transport your pool's water to and from the equipment used to filter and clean the water. These pipes are another prevalent source of leaks.

Over time, the pipes used for your swimming pool's plumbing system may start to break down. This is especially typical if you have an older swimming pool that uses pipes comprised of materials with low durability. The chlorine in the pool water will eventually eat away at the pipes and cause water to leak out.

If your swimming pool is a newer model or you know the plumbing system consists of top-notch components, movements in the ground can cause the pipes to shift and leak. The fix for leaky pipes depends on the severity of the leak and the overall condition of your plumbing system.

Should your leaky pipe appear to be a fluke, it's possible to replace just the section of plumbing for a relatively low cost. Or, if your whole plumbing system is showing its age or if there are numerous leaks, it might be better to replace all the pipes. This is a larger and more costly repair, but it prevents you from having to constantly deal with leaks.

Your swimming pool contractor can use sonar equipment to detect the source of the leak and provide a recommendation for the repair. Sonar equipment prevents you from having to tear out your deck or dig up your yard to find the leak. For more information, contact a company like All-American Pools for more information.