4 Steps To Help With Inspecting And Repairing Your Pool Pump After The Threat Of Winter Weather Has Passed

Soon, the winter weather is going to be gone, and you are going to be ready to start pool maintenance to get ready for spring and summer. One of the first things that needs to be done is preparing your pool pump, which may have been winterized for cold weather and may need repairs before opening. The following guide will help you deal with the winterization, inspect the pump, and begin with repairs, if needed, to get ready for your pool opening:

1. Removing the Winterization That Has Been Done to the Pump and Other Equipment

One of the first things that you will want to do to get your pool ready is remove the winterization. This can be removing tops of inlets and outlets, and connecting the pump if it was disconnected for the winter weather. Make sure that everything is connected and that all tops have been removed before you turn the pump on to start circulating the water in your pool.

2. Start Filling the Pool to Start Looking for Leaks and Problems With the Pump and Equipment

You may have also partially drained your pool for the winterization of equipment for cold weather. Therefore, you are going to need to start filling the pool with water again. When you begin filling the pool, look for leaks and damage to pool surfaces that will need to be repaired before you open your pool for the summer months.

3. Backwashing and Priming the Pump to Get Water Circulating and Start Looking for Problems

One of the first steps in preparing your pool for the winter weather is backwashing the filter and priming the pump. Sometimes, there is debris that is caught in the cleanout, which will need to be removed repeatedly if the water in your pool is really dirty. This is often something that is confused for problems with pumps, so you will want to make sure that debris is not blocking the pump before calling for help with pool pump repairs.

4. Inspecting the Plumbing of Your Pool Equipment for Signs of Leaks and Damage That Need to Be Repaired

In addition to the pump and pool surfaces, the plumbing of your pool equipment can also leak due to winter damage or connections being loose. Therefore, you will want to inspect all the pipes of your pool plumbing for leaks once you turn the pump on to start circulating water. If there is a problem with leaks or damaged plumbing connections, contact a pool pump repair service to help fix the problem before you open your pool.

These are some of the steps that you will need to take to start preparing your pool pump for opening. If you have found problems with the pump, contact a pool pump repair service to get the water circulating in your pool to start with the maintenance tasks that need to be done to get it open in time for summer.