3 Ways Pool Contractors Prevent Freezing Water During A Pool Closing Service

When you close your pool down for the cooler months of the year, you want to keep the water as clear as possible so your pool opening can go on without any major problems or issues. Along with clear water, you will want to prevent any excess freezing in the pool. Freezing water can damage parts, create issues with pool liner, and may cost you more in the long run.

When you hire a pool contractor for your swimming pool closing, you can prevent a lot of the issues associated with freezing. Learn some of the steps a pool contractor will take and the ways they will protect your pool and equipment throughout the cold months.

1. Pool Chemical Treatment

The pool closing process requires a specific mix of chemicals to keep the water clean and prevent the growth of algae. Pool contractors will test your water beforehand to see the proper balance and then provide a chemical treatment to ensure the pool water remains clear throughout the winter.

The process also includes a wide range of chemicals to help prevent freezing. Anti-freeze chemicals will keep the water in a liquid state. If water becomes frozen, you could deal with a wide range of issues like impacts on the pool liner or areas like the pool stairs.

2. Pool Water Draining

If your pool water levels remain too high, then the pool could become prone to freezing no matter how many chemicals a contractor puts into the water. A contractor will drain your pool water down to a specific level. The exact amount of water drained from your pool will depend on the size and depth of your pool water.

At the start of the new swimming season, you can fill the pool back up to the appropriate levels with either a water delivery or the use of hose water from your yard.

3. Clearing Pump Lines

Along with the pool itself, you want to avoid water freezing in other pool elements. Frozen pipes connected to your pool pump could cause damage to the lines and add some costly repairs once the new swimming season comes around. A pool contractor will clear pump lines of excess water to prevent any freezing.

They may also wrap the pump lines to help prevent freezing as well. The insulated wraps can keep the lines protected and allow a pump to run smoothly when you open the pool again the next year.

Contact a pool contractor to fully plan your pool closing and prevent any major problems through the cold months.