Pool Leak Detection And Repairs

Dye testing, water measurements, and plumbing inspections are used to determine if a pool is leaking. Perform an initial assessment of your pool. Afterward, consult with a contractor about your suspicions of a leak and learn about the repair methods that are needed to fix the pool.

Leak Triggers

Aboveground and inground pools are susceptible to leaks. The quality of the materials that were used to construct a pool, plus the maintenance that a pool owner provides a water feature with could influence whether a pool endures a leak. 

Even outdoor weather patterns could trigger a leak. Older plumbing that is not insulated is more prone to becoming damaged when the temperature falls below freezing.

An Assessment

You can perform an assessment that will help you determine if your pool or its plumbing is leaking. The liner, the filter, and the plumbing that attaches to the pool should be inspected first. A pinhole or loose hardware could contribute to a leak. Assessing the water level in the pool can also help you determine if a leak is present.

A pool loses water regularly, due to evaporation. In spite of this, the amount of water that evaporates will be minimal. If you notice a big difference in how much water is lost in your pool, there is a good chance that a leak is present.

Leak Detection And Repairs

A pool technician is trained to detect leaks. A dye process is used to determine the manner in which water flows. A dye agent can pinpoint where a leak is present. If the particles within a dye agent move toward a pool's side wall, for instance, the movement of the dye particles could be indicative of where a leak is present.

A professional water assessment may also be conducted. This test will be similar to the one you completed in the previous step but will use more targeted measurement strategies to determine how much water loss is incurred on a routine basis.

A contractor will assess the condition of the plumbing materials, filter, and other accessories that are connected to a pool. If small holes are detected in any of the pool equipment, a contractor will advise that they are replaced.

If a minor crack or another type of damage is detected along the side walls of the pool or along the decking material, a contractor can use a patching compound to repair the damage. Routine maintenance that is performed in the future will prevent further leaks from occurring.

Reach out to a company that offers swimming pool leak detection services to learn more.