Summer Is Over—It’s Time to Remodel Your Pool

As the end of summer arrives and the temperature begins to fall, you'll begin the process of closing up your pool for the year. But before you put the pool cover on and walk away until next spring, you might want to stop and consider that the beginning of fall might be a good time to do a little pool remodeling. Here's why this time of year might be the right time to get your pool looking exactly how you want it.

1. You May Save Money When Compared With Doing Your Pool Remodel in the Spring

The start of fall is usually a pretty slow time of year for most pool remodeling contractors. Many homeowners choose to wait until late spring or even the start of summer to remodel their pool. But if you are willing to get the work done when summer is over but it's still warm enough out to tackle an outdoor remodeling job, you may find that you can get a better rate. You could save money on the actual remodeling work via your contractor and any structural additions or new equipment you need to install might be selling for less this fall at the local pool store than the price it will cost next spring or summer. Play your cards right and a pool remodel might not cost as much as you think, or you might be able to go even bigger if you have a set budget in mind.

2. You Can Ensure That a Project Delay Does Not Take Away Swimming Time Next Summer

No one wants to remodel a pool smack in the middle of summer because it will take time away from actually using the pool and having fun. But far too many homeowners wait until late spring to even contact a contractor. By that time, they might be booked and you'll have to wait your turn.

There's also a chance a remodeling project could run into a delay of some sort that is out of your control. If something goes wrong at any point for a project that doesn't even start until late April or May, it's possible you could get to summer and watch perfectly good days for swimming pass you by without a pool that is ready to go. By tackling this project in the fall, it's more likely you can get the pool contractor you want for the job right away and even if there is a delay or the weather turns, they can come back early next spring if necessary without costing you any swimming time.