Swimming Pool Repairs When Equipment And Parts Fail

Summer weather can be hard on a lot of mechanical systems. The heatwaves can also affect water quality and your pool equipment. Therefore, there may be some repairs that need to be dealt with quickly to help fix the issues before they turn into bigger problems. The following pool repairs are issues that you will be dealing with this summer:

Chlorine Dispenser System Issues

Many modern pools have chlorine dispensing systems. This equipment is used to deliver chlorine to your pool more efficiently. During the summer months, chlorine is used rapidly. This can cause problems when the system is running without dispensing the chlorine your pool needs. Therefore, the dispensing system you have installed with your pool might need minor repairs during the hottest weather.

Pool Heater Problems

Even though the weather during the daylight hours is hotter, many pools still need to have a heater to keep the water comfortable during the night. If you have a pool heater installed with your equipment, it may need some repairs during the summer months. The most common problem is heating elements going bad, which needs to be repaired to ensure your pool is comfortable for swimming. This is important if you decide to use your pool at night when the water can be cooler after the sun goes down.

Filtration Equipment Problems

The equipment that filters the water in your pool also gets a lot of abuse during the summer. This can start with the skimmers and include things like plumbing, leaf traps, and filter cases. The skimmers have tops that need to be secured in place to ensure they are safe during the swimming system. You also want to make sure your plumbing is in good shape and that the leaf trap stays clean. Also, check all the seals of the plumbing, traps, and filter to ensure there are not any leaks.  

Wear of the Pool Pumps

Separate from other filtration equipment, there may be other problems with your pump. The pump is what circulates water from your pool and through the filtration system. Therefore, pool pumps have to work constantly to keep the water clean. They are also the most likely piece of equipment to fail. Often, the issues with pool pumps are minor and can be repaired by replacing damaged parts. If you have to replace your pump, ask about more efficient motors and upgrades for your system.

Issues with pool equipment often get worse as the weather gets hotter. Contact a pool repair service for help dealing with these issues when you have a problem with your systems this summer.